Past ZL VHF and microwave record history from Te-Paki, Cape Reinga.

2 m 144 MHz Int. ZL2ARW/p-ZL1BJB/p 03/02/1982 SSB TD 1069 km.

70 cm 432 MHz Int. ZL2ARW/p-ZL1BJB/p 03/02/1982 SSB TD 1069 km.

9 cm 3456 MHz Int. ZL2AQE/p-ZL2ARW/p 06/03/1983 NBFM TD 547 km.

The WW2 radar site numbered #6 at the top of New Zealand is reported as being at Te-Paki trig Cape Reinga. In January 2012 tramped to Te-Paki Trig, the highest point.

Picture below of the gate entrance for the 1.5 hour tramp to Te-Paki trig, 450 m ASBL to hopefully find the remains, assume only the concrete footings of the WW2 radar.

In the centre of the photo at ridge line, is how far away Te-Paki trig is.

Tramped up to Te-Paki Trig and never found any remains of the old Radar site. This track or site also has historical reference with past New Zealand VHF and microwave distance records which are recorded in our past history.

With the picture below; Te-Paki Trig is at the highest point or ridge that can be seen in the photo.

Recommended next time to fly a chopper in.

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