The trip north to Cape Reinga in January 2011 resulted in 9 New Zealand distant records. This page denotes the ZL internal contacts. 2011 VK9NA page are the other attested records and QSL cards.

Right; The other end of the 5.7 GHz link at Mt Egmont 950 m ABSL. This is a picture of Ray ZL2TAL whom was part of the team. The equipment is a 60 cm dish, 11 Watts at the feed with two combined DXR PA's, DXR 700 TRV and EME low noise preamp.


1.25 m dish on 6 cm band. With this contact we had problems at my end with a faulty TX/RX relay. I could hear Ted, he could not hear me. I removed the transfer relay out of line and we used manual feed TX/RX at my end. A easy contact and no head phones were required. The site shown is directly across the road from the picture below and is located at Cape Reinga.


Trip home on the Ferry in the far north of ZL 

David ZL4DK (Terry ZL4TAE as team member) was worked on the 2 m amateur band at 1074 km from Knights point in Southland to my portable station at Cape Reinga, with no prior knowledge or internet access. I just heard him calling CQ on 144.1 MHz CW. David's callsign was easily regognised with CW but my key would not work. So I called David on SSB. Propagation mode was tropo ducting.

Above; ZL1TPH/p at Cape Reinga parked on the side of the road. This site is just 2 km South from the top of ZL by road. Station was TS700a with 250 Watts SSPA and small Yagi. 


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